AJS Structural Design have been providing structural design services for a barn conversion in Tansley which has been split into 2 phases.

Phase 1 sees the renovation of an existing dwelling, with the removal of load baring walls to create a new kitchen and living space. Phase 1 is progressing very well as seen in our photos below.

Phase 2 is the conversion of a barn and provision of a glazing link to connect the properties. We were on site last week with the architect and client to assess the structural implications of the proposed works.

We called in to one of our projects in the Derbyshire Dales last week to see how things were progressing. It was good to see levels being formed to stone base nearing completion in preparation for the concrete slab to be cast.

The project brief was to provide a new access and concrete external yard area of over 5,200 m2. AJS Structural Design have provided services for drainage and external concrete yard slab design.

Fantastic to see the Triton Attenuation Tanks being installed during a site visit to one of our larger projects in Derby.

For this particular project, AJS Structural Design have provided services for the drainage, external and structural design. Looking forward to seeing this one progress further.